1. The Halal Institute
2. The Bird Nest Industry Institute
3. The Herbal Pharmaceutical Institute
4. The Rice and Food security Institute
5. The Ocean Aquaculture Institute
6. The Infrastructure Institute
7. The Oil Palm Institute
8. The Green technology Institute
9. The Electric Vehicles Institute
10. The E-Trading Institute

  • The model adopted by My Innovation Hub is that of Co-Creation and Co-Innovation.
  • The focus is on Real World Solutions to local and global issues with an emphasis on integrating innovations which are Game Changing and Disruptive Technologies to make the world a better place.


We have identified a few general sectors that can have immediate impact, and below is a list of projects corresponding to each sector:

List of Projects


Innovations in harvesting, fertilizers application, waste water treatment and oil refining

  • Nano Desalination System – JV between UM, USM and MOSTI under the Directorate Nanotechnology and Max Planck Institute
  • Hydrogen / Methane Fuel Cell Technology for Rural Areas and For Palm Oil Mills – JV between UM and SIRIM
  • Oil Palm Fruit Harvesting Machine to Reduce Labour – In JV with UPM Engineering and SIRIM and UltraGreen SB
  • Green Lubricant – Palm Oil based lubricant in JV with Castrol Oil (with UPM)
  • Bio-Plastics and Lignin Adhesives – In JV with ITRI of Taiwan and Sime Darby (with UPM)
  • POME Polishing System Using UV TiO2 UF System – In JV with SIRIM (with UTM)
  • Carbon Nano Tube Production for Nano Desalination System (Nano Cellulose Paper) – in collaboration with UM (with USM)
  • Palm Oil Milling System for Fresh Fruit Bunches Steriliser and Palm Kernel processing Using Super Critical CO2 (with USM)
  • Bio-Plastics, Glucose, Cellulose etc from Biomass in collaboration with ITRI, MPOB, Sime Darby, FELDA (with USM)
  • Greening and Rehabilitation of Poor and Acidic Soils for Agriculture and Agro-Tourism, Nitrogen Fixing Rice
  • The development of Ionic Solvent for the Extraction of Oil from Spent Oil Palm Mesocarp in the Palm Oil Mills
  • Nano Fertilisers Drip System
  • Ultrasonic Fruit Steriliser and Oil Cells Disruption System
  • Ultrasonic Oil Separator system
  • Ionic Solvent for Oil Extraction from Mesocarp
  • Nano Virgin Palm Oil (Water Soluble)
  • Ultrasonic Anaerobic Granular Biodigestor to Treat POME
  • Pure Methane Processing from Biogas for Bio-fuel
  • Nano Fertilizer Fortified Compost for Top Soil
  • Satellite AI Plantation Management System


Providing water solutions to our nation and society

  • Ultra Filtration System for Water Supply to Rural Villages in Sarawak and Sabah (with UM)
  • Desert Greening Project – To Render the Ex-Tin Mines Lands in Perak into Arable Lands – JV with Yayasan Perak (with UPM)
  • Customised Water Filter Membranes for Rural Villages in East Malaysia – in collaboration with UM
  • Cheap Systems for Desalination and Filtration of Sea, Brackish and River Water for Drinking and Agriculture
  • Removal of Heavy Metals Using Magnetite Particles
  • Removal of Ammonia to Ensure Clean Water for Fish Farming and Aquariums
  • Smart Variable Pressure System for Water Piping System
  • Trenchless Pipe Leakage Sealing System using Epoxy to Prevent Non-Revenue Water Loss
  • Treatment of Municipal and Industrial Waste Water Using UAGB System
  • Solar Power Hybrid Water Filtration System for Rural Villages
  • Graphene cum Nano-Carbon Tube Desalinator System
  • Plasma Water Oxidation System to Replace Chlorine
  • Plasma Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Treatment System for Glass
  • River Estuary Damming and Creation of Fresh Water Reservoir


Smart systems for security and crime prevention

  • Nano-Satellites (Geo-Stationary) to Provide Optical and X-Ray Images for Security, Plantation Management, Meteorological, Road Works, Illegal Logging, Dumping of Pollutants in Rivers or Seas, Traffic Movement, etc
  • Security Systems Using Phone Applications
  • Facial Recognition Systems for Banks, Crime Prevention
  • Toll Booth Free Collection System
  • Smart Traffic Light and Control System
  • Smart Street Lighting System
  • Smart License Plate Recognition System
  • Smart Mutli-Storey Car Parks System
  • Neutron Scanner for Drugs
  • Cyber Security


Medical innovations in disease treatment and healthcare

  • Diabetic Ulcer Medicine (for Hard to Treat Wounds) using hHGF and hFGF – JV with HKUST and the UMMC
  • Skin Care and Cosmetic Products Using hEGF – JV with HKUST and IBD of UTM
  • Hospital Bed for Bed Sore Patients – JV with Arbor Group of Taiwan (with UTM)
  • Growth Hormone Protein for Fish Meal and Animal Feed – JV with HKUST (with UTM)
  • Semiconductor Design and Fabrication of Readers for “Lab on a Chip”, Radiation Dosimeter and DNA Electronic Reader – collaboration with UM (with USM)
  • Health Cloud (Big Data) For Cross Reference and Diagnostics (MRIs and X-Rays)
  • Lab on a Chip Diagnostic Kit (Dengue)
  • Dosimeter for Radioactivity Control
  • Ultrasonic (Focus Ultrasound) for Treatment of Parkinson Disease and Cancers
  • Soft X-ray and Nano Cream for Skin and Topical Cancers Treatment
  • Quorum Inhibitors for Bacteria to Replace Antibiotics for Infections
  • Human Growth Factor Cream for Diabetic Wounds, Surgical Wounds, Bed Sore, etc
  • Antibiotic for Food Poisoning Bacteria in Hospital Patients
  • 360 Degree Radiotherapy Application to Prevent Radioactive Burns
  • Bone Cement System for Fractures and Bone Grafting


Optimize the efficiency in power generation

  • Wind Turbine (Vertical Axis) System – JV between Nauticallink Ltd of Singapore and UM
  • Conversion of Excess Electricity on Power Grid into Hydrogen and Fuel Gas
  • Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants into Methanol for Fuel
  • The Development of Vanadium Redox Battery as UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • The Development of Fuel Cells to Make Use of Excess Power from Power Plants during Off-Peak Periods
  • The Development of Nano Dot Technology to Increase the Efficiency of Solar Panels
  • Bio Lubricant from Palm Oil as Biodegradable Lubricant
  • Cross Wind Turbine Windmill for Energy
  • Graphene Super-Capacitor Lithium Ion Hybrid Battery to Replace Lead Acid Batteries
  • Aluminium Graphite Electrode Batteries to Replace Lithium Batteries
  • Red Algae Fiber Batteries to Replace Batteries
  • Nano Fluid Replacement for Water as Coolent
  • Bio-Plastics, Lignin Coating, Tannin Adhesive
  • New Method for Acrylic Manufacture
  • Rejuvenation of Acid Damaged Soil Using Basalt and Microbes
  • Bio-Butanol from Cellulose


Smart technology systems and Internet connectivity for rural development and communication

  • Driverless Vehicle System Using AI Mapping System – JV with Mediatek and Arbor Group of Taiwan (with UTM)
  • Robotic Submersible Cleaning System – JV with ITRI of Taiwan (with UTM)
  • Silver Nano Wires Thin Film Coating to Replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for Touch Screen Material – JV with Surrey University (with USM)
  • Innovations for Future Applications – To do Parallel Research Center in Malaysia with International 5G Research Centers such as Surrey, Dresden, Singapore and Taipei
  • Local WiWi Services for Rural Villages in Sabah and Sarawak
  • Fiber Optics Development for High Density Fiber Optics for 5G Big Data Requirements
  • Trading Platform for Co-Operatives
  • Trading Platform for JKR Contractors
  • Trading Platform for MARA Entrepreneurs and Women Entrepreneurs
  • Global IP Exchange Based on AI Cross Matching
  • Self-assembled Computers for School Children to Train Their ICT Competency
  • Smart Sports Coach Using AI
  • Smart Bus and Public Transport System


Road building systems for peat soils and soft soils

  • Road Construction System Using Interlocking Plastic Beads for Reinforcement for Alluvial Soil and Peat Soil in Sabah and Sarawak (with UPM)

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