Who we are

MIH was set up under the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education to create the Innovation Ecosystem to link the academia with the Government, the Private Sector and the Community as per Shift #7 of the Education Blueprint for Higher Education which had been launched by the Prime Minister in April 2015.

Our Vision

To be the leading innovation commercialisation centre in Asia

Our Mission

MIH is dedicated to establish an ecosystem that promotes growth and deployment of innovations effectively and providing a platform for commercialisation of innovations developed by learning and research institutions from within the country and the region whilst realizing the growth aspirations and betterment of all stakeholders.

Within 5 Years
  • 100,000 new positions for employment of new graduates.
  • 280 New Companies capable of Listing in Malaysia or overseas.
  • 2000 new Bumiputra Techno-Entrepreneurs.
  • 200 companies with foreign collaboration partners from Singapore, Taiwan, China, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Korea, India and Middle East etc.
  • 200 companies with overseas offices promoting our technology or innovation.
  • Global Innovation Index position from 33 in 2014 to top 20 in 2020.
  • Bloomberg Innovation Index Position from 27 to top 20 in 2020.
MIH Management


Dato' Vincent

Mr. Vincent Wong Wai Sang


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Amin Jalaludin



Dato’ Tan Tian Meng



Datuk Kamalbahrin Bin Hj. Khamsan

MIH Advisor


Tom Chong


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arham Abdullah
(Technical Advisor)