Mr. Vincent Wong Wai Sang

Chief Executive Officer


Profession : Businessman & Advisor to Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

Academic Qualification
  • LL.M (Hons), Auckland 1982
  • LL.B, Wellington 1981
Working Experience
  • 1987-2004: Lawyer ,Vincent Wong & Co
  • 2004-2012: Corporate Consultant, Vincent Wong Consultancy
  • 2012-May 2015: Political Secretary to YB Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Kurup, Minister in Prime Minister’s Department
  • June 2015-present: CEO, Malaysia Innovation Hub
Experience in NGOs / Associations

Positions Held

  • Lawyer, Vincent Wong & Co
  • Consultant, Vincent Wong Consultancy
  • Political Secretary, Minister in Prime Minister Department
  • CEO, Malaysia Innovation Hub


  • Setting up proposals:
  • The International Palm Oil Hub at the PKFZ
  • Carbonator Municipal Waste Disposal System to replace landfills
  • Eco-Mill system to replace the traditional palm oil mills
  • Ultrasonic System for converting sewage to power
  • Water Management System to prevent loss of non revenue water
  • Ultrasound Health Academy to cure cancer and stroke patients
  • Process of filing patents as follow:
    • The Palm Oil Eco-Mill System with zero water and smoke discharge
    • The Ultrasonic Palm Oil Clarifier system
    • The Hot Oil Steriliser for Oil Palm fruits
    • The Macrowave Oven system for Oil Palm Fruits
    • The Palm Oil Mesocarp and nut separator system
    • The Mesocarp Fiber and Carotene Extraction system
    • Semi-Dry Palm Biomass Thermophilic Anaerobic Co-digestion system
    • The Ultrasonic Washing Machine
    • The Ultrasonic Motor Oil Rejuvenator
    • The Ultrasonic Mosquito Larvae Exterminator
    • The Ultrasonic Bird Nest Cleaner
    • Nano Silicon Roof Tile
    • Nano Ceramic Anti-Bacterial treatment system for air-conditioners
    • Nano Fertiliser application system for estates
    • Cable transport system for oil palm estates
    • The modular tent home for relief centers and estate workers
    • The modular green house with solar panel and automated water system
    • The Ultrasonic System for Converting Sewage into Green Power
    • The Eco-Park using Ultrasonic Sewage System to turn oxidation ponds into Educational and Research Centre for Life Sciences
    • Floating Naval Bases Using Super Lightweight Composite (Concrete)